Live Sports Content Attracts Audiences

Nielsen’s Year in Sports Media Report 2015
A recent report from Nielsen has unveiled that the popularity of live sports content on TV is quite strong, with sports programming consisting of “93 of the top 100 live viewed TV programs in 2015, compared to 14 in 2005.”

This is a striking contrast to research compiled by Bloomberg in August 2015, which amazingly found “Live Sports No Longer TV’s Holy Grail in U.S. as Ratings Peak.” It seems the Bloomberg study is an outlier.

Nielsen describes sports as “DVR-resistant,” citing more than 31 billion hours of sports television viewed.

However, TV isn’t the only place where audiences find sports: it’s been increasing growing on OTT platforms as well.

"The reason why baseball is skewing so young today and getting so big today is our fans are enjoying their game on a phone, on a mobile device," MLB's president of business and media, Bob Bowman told CNBC. "That's where all the eyeballs are. That's what advertisers know."

The NFL is also pursuing the digital realm, as it is planning on selling the digital rights to livestream games in the near future.

Facebook, Amazon and others are engaged in a bidding war at present.

This all seems to underscore the need for high quality sports metadata that is up-to-date and accurate. Be assured that your TV and/or sports metadata provider emphasizes excellence.

Author: Brian Cameron

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