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It’s been observed that sports-related metadata should “bring sports content to life.” Indeed, this is necessary because many metadata vendors in this arena offer inaccurate, outdated data that fails to properly inform and sometimes confuses and frustrates viewers.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, ESPN president John Skipper described sports television as “the most successful business model in the history of media.”

Today, Facebook announced a digital live sports "stadium" to engage fans.

Earlier this week, a streamingmedia.com editorial, “For the Win! Live Sports Are Driving Streaming Video Innovation,” covered how sports content is playing a part in OTT.

“The desire to keep sports relevant to the younger audience and connect with mobile media consumption habits is driving innovation online,” writes Adrian Pennington.

With all of this in mind, a business that’s serving a sports audience should not utilize metadata that performs the opposite of stimulation. Metadata that diminishes content, as seen in the following examples, should be avoided.

Here, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Blake Griffin is confused for Brian Griffin, the dog from popular animated series “Family Guy.”

This metadata vendor mistakenly inserted the Duke logo instead of North Carolina’s. Duke is North Carolina’s arch rival.

And in another Duke-related error (is this a trend?), this metadata supplier got the team’s opponent wrong. It should be Michigan St., not Michigan.

In June 2014, the Charlotte Bobcats became the Charlotte Hornets, but more than a year and a half later this metadata company didn’t seem to get the message. Are these sports experts?

Marc Trestman coached the Chicago Bears from 2013-2014, yet for the 2015 season, this metadata business still believes he’s in the Windy City, when he’s actually in Baltimore.

According to this metadata provider, it’s circa 2009-2013, because that’s when Jim Schwartz last coached the Detroit Lions. The current head coach is Jim Caldwell.

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Up-to-date, accurate sports metadata keeps viewers and fans informed. Trust a supplier that actually watches the games.

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