Viewers Just Want Teams in Their Sports EPG Listings


In August, the College Football season officially began. Each week, talented teams from universities all across the country compete against one another for bragging rights and potentially conference championships.

An essential part of viewing these football games is being able to successfully navigate to the proper game in the on-screen electronic program guide. Saturdays are known for the large amount of intercollegiate clashes, and ensuring that a fan has located a particular event should be a simple and easy task.

Unfortunately for viewers with a telecom or cable company that utilizes a faulty and defective TV metadata supplier, a seemingly smooth operation has become incredibly complicated, which in turn has caused these viewers to grow increasingly frustrated and outraged when they can’t seem to find the names of the teams in their listings.

Online forums are an outlet for the indignation, where contributors are describing the flawed football game summaries with missing competitors as “subpar” and “vague”:

“Stop trying to be fancy. Just give me the name on the college and I'll be happy.”

“To whomever writes the descriptions of college football games:  In the [telecom] TV program guide, the way that football games are described now is useless, unacceptable, and downright dumb!”

“Get rid of the foo-foo descriptions and put the college names in the program description. Don't need some flowery description, just need useful information. What idiot came up with this change?”

“Get rid of the commentary and just tell us who is playing.”

And of course, the fury spills over to Twitter as well, where viewers provide graphical representations of the abundant problems in football synopses displayed in their EPGs, along with their disappointment. The following consists of a litany of metadata issues that did not originate with us.

But the problems aren't just occurring with College Football descriptions. Viewers have found flawed television metadata in the NFL descriptions as well. What happened to the teams?!

It's clear that the viewers have very forcefully spoken on this matter.

And one eagle-eyed viewer has keenly observed that a certain telecom's EPG hosts far superior television metadata (from us), where sports teams can be found conveniently listed above anything else:

If you're looking for professionally scribed sports summaries that most certainly are not “useless, unacceptable, and downright dumb” (let alone “foo-foo”), inquire today with FYI Television to learn more. Every match, game and event properly contains all competitors and teams, so no viewer confusion occurs.

Author: Brian Cameron

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