The Most Prevalent TV Issues at MIPTV 2016

In Cannes, France, MIPTV has been ongoing from April 4 – 7.

Approximately 11,000 people gathered to learn about the latest and greatest developments in television technology and content.

Seemingly, the industry is on the cusp of advancing in several different directions.

VR as the Next Frontier

Virtual reality is perhaps one of the most popular topics surrounding television at present. Over the course of the past year, VR has ruled Kickstarter, dominated Sundance, been a part of the 2016 election cycle and entered into programming.

It’s no surprise that a ‘lengthy and exciting' session at MIPTV attracted attention. French telco Orange discussed launching VR content on its pay-TV channel OCS.

“We decided to make VR a significant innovation priority for us,” said Guillaume Lacroix, senior vice president of TV and video partnerships and services at Orange. “This is a real new media, and we have to learn how to use it. This first experience allows us to understand what it takes to make a great experience.”

In the clip below, Morgan Bouchet, Orange’s vice president of digital content and innovation, and head of VR, demonstrates watching hit HBO series “Vinyl” in virtual reality.

Live Streaming: the “new must-watch destination for television

A panel focused on television and digital content described live streaming as the “fastes[t] growing area of digital”.

“It’s FOMO, fear of missing out,” Will Keenan, president of Stream Up, told attendees. “I find it interesting that at the same time reality TV viewership was going down … viewership of online video bloggers, who in my mind became the new reality stars, was going way up. What was it about the online video bloggers? It was that genuineness, that authenticity.”

“TV is hermetically sealed … What’s interesting about YouTubers, people on Periscope and other platforms, they are aware of the frame,” added Dan Biddle, Director of Broadcast Partnerships at Twitter UK.

eSports: “The Next Big Content Play?”

A session on the popularity of observing others play electronic games revealed just how much time is being spent in regards to content consumption: approximately 80 million hours in one month.

“We’re going to hit $1B [in global revenues] sooner than we realise,” said Peter Warman, co-founder of Newzoo. “There’s no escaping that the interactive media space is heading [this] way at an enormous speed.”

James Glasscock, senior vice president of business development at Machina, talked about the ever-increasing viewer numbers.

“300 million fans of eSports is starting to rival major leagues like the NFL and NBA in the United States,” he said.

“[eSports] are better than football, there’s constant action, no stops for penalties or injuries … and you don’t have to abide by the laws of physics,” chimed in Laurence Jones, commercial director at Endemol Shine Group. “Broadcasters need to think about how they are going to tell the story, it’s a challenge… but it’s exciting.”

To learn more about MIPTV, check out perhaps the most exciting trailer for a conference ever below.

Videos of various speakers can be found here.

Author: Brian Cameron


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