Virtual Reality Television Emerges in Early 2016

Virtual reality
As the year gets off to a start, virtual reality technology is starting to have a larger presence in the world of television.

Last October, viewers witnessed the first-ever virtual reality political debate. Now, other networks and services are joining in by producing VR-inspired TV segments and in some cases entire VR TV series.

This morning, ABC’s “Good Morning America” featured a live 360-degree VR experience from the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa. IM360’s cameras provided special drone footage of the Great Migration, in which many of the continent’s exotic animals search for new food and water sources.

WATCH: Our drones capture beautiful live images of elephants as we are on safari in Africa. Interact here: #GMAinAfrica
Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

And two virtual reality television shows have been announced in the past month.

Samsung's Milk VR platform will be hosting the first scripted virtual reality series, “Invisible,” about a New York family harboring a mystery. Doug Liman, who executive produced “Edge of Tomorrow” and the original “Bourne” films will be directing.

The official summary per Deadline:

“For generations, the dynastic Ashland family has passed on a gene that gives them an extraordinary ability, which has enabled them to accumulate vast amounts of power and wealth. As the modern generation faces diminished abilities and more scrutiny than ever before, the birth of an exceptional new child draws public interest and their family secret teeters on the brink of becoming exposed.”

Syfy has also made a foray into VR TV.

The network is developing virtual reality crime drama “Halcyon,” where five episodes of the program will have the opportunity to be viewed on an Oculus Rift headset.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show will cover a 2058 detective, and her virtual reality murder investigation.

"Syfy has consistently broken new ground with its television series and we’re excited to work with them on this new multiplatform project," said James Milward, president of Secret Location, the studio behind “Halcyon.” "VR is being exposed to more and more people and with projects like 'Halcyon,' we intend to help this immersive form of entertainment grow."

If these series are successful, it can only be expected that other channels follow suit.

Author: Brian Cameron

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