The Best TV Industry Jokes from April Fool’s Day 2016

This past Friday was April Fool’s Day, and the Internet went wild as usual with a number of whimsical pranks and gags, many of which were related to television, streaming and virtual reality.

Here's a look at how various archetypes of modern TV were satirized.

*Prysm, a display technology firm, unveiled a TV that comes from an aerosol can.

*The Data Coalition parodied Big Data and the Internet of Things with the ‘Things Coalition.’

*Netflix had actor John Stamos appear all over its OTT platform.

*Hulu revealed ‘HuluDatr’ – a service that would allow users to “find ‘The One’ without getting dressed up, leaving your couch or even talking.”

*YouTube developed ‘Snoopavision,’ a “fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg.”

Google showed off its newest product – ‘Google Cardboard Plastic,’ an “actual reality” device for consumers.

T-Mobile launched a product too – ‘Binge on Up!’ – a “revolutionary new hand-free device that lets you watch whatever you want and do whatever you want.”

The BBC latched onto the vintage craze and debuted ‘BBC Store Video,’ a service that would send viewers VHS tapes.

MyVoucherCodes, a deal-locator, unveiled “Voucher Reality” eyewear that causes bargains to hover over items when shopping.

Overall, quite a few TV technology spoofs made their way onto the web this year. What innovation will be mocked in 2017?

Author: Brian Cameron

Image via Shutterstock.

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