How TV Metadata Fuels Content Discovery

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When it comes to locating television content, whether it’s through an on-screen platform or recommendation engine, it is TV and entertainment metadata that powers these services.

“As more people shift to video on demand to find new content that’s specific to their interests, reconsidering how, where, and when content is discovered has become one of the most essential parts of the design process for any video-on-demand product,” said Ostmodern creative director Tim Bleasdale in a recent interview.

Thus, it is absolutely vital that accuracy is a key ingredient when it comes to selecting a metadata provider, especially in terms of program genres.

A good indicator that you’re dealing with a flawed data supplier is when the suggestions just don’t seem to line up.

For instance, thanks to the faulty data from this particular vendor, viewers of the “Anderson Cooper 360: Post Debate Special,” which provided coverage of a January Republican debate, were informed that they might also be interested in viewing children’s animated film “Minions,” sci-fi movie “The Scorch Trials” and crime thriller “Beeba Boys.” What?

Here, poorly-managed metadata instructed viewers looking for Christmas “holiday celebration” movies that 2001 action-crime flick “Swordfish” should be amongst their considerations, next to “Moses.”
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And in this example, television audiences who enjoy watching science fiction horror drama series “The X-Files” are told that UK soap opera “Coronation Street” is ‘like this.’
When TV metadata contains all the proper classifications, it correctly recommends related programming of interest, as seen below, where suggestions include 2008 film “X-Files: I Want to Believe,” 1998 film “The X-Files,” 2001 spin-off “The Lone Gunmen" and 2011 mystery “Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost.”

Ensure the metadata for your EPG, OTT service, or television platform isn’t confusing viewers. Choose an entertainment metadata company that allows the right recommendations to be offered.

Author: Brian Cameron

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