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How viewers locate new television programming is the question on everyone’s mind right now. Patrice Slupowski, VP of digital innovation at Orange France Telecom, recently articulated some thoughts on this query, suggesting that the “biggest revolution to date in digital TV is likely to place in discovery.”

In fact, NATPE and CES has commissioned a consumer research study for presentation in early 2015 to learn about that very topic.

"The question of how and where people are discovering content — on any device — is one that we need to gain a better understanding of as an industry," remarked NATPE CEO Rod Perth. "This research study will reveal fresh guidance on the how and why of viewer discovery."

A December 2014 survey from Hub Entertainment Research indicates that more and more TV viewers are turning to online sources for their entertainment data solutions.

A majority of the respondents, 60 percent, agreed that a “universal listing that lets them find shows across all TV sources” would be beneficial; 48 percent have said that they lean toward sources that allow for “easy” television show discovery.

Nielsen also released new data in their third-quarter Total Audience Report, in which SVP of Insights Dounia Turrill highlighted that “consumers are shaping their own content-discovery experience.”

The recommendation engine is one type of service that many firms are using for television content curation and personalization.

Michael Ekstrand, a recommendations expert and computer-sciences professor at Texas State University, said that systems like that “can result in a substantial lift in peoples' movie-watching [and] purchasing.”

Being able to reliably provide robust TV recommendations for viewers is a task of utmost importance, and arguably required for film and television providers who hope to retain and maintain viewers who seek to find fresh and engaging programming.

A key part of this is ensuring that the proper entertainment metadata, tagged with appropriate and accurate genres and categories, is involved.

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Author: Brian Cameron

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