“Master of None” and “Jessica Jones” Creators Discuss Netflix Advantages

Aziz Ansari in "Master of None"
The creators and showrunners for two new Netflix original series recently discussed the benefits of working with the Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming service vs. traditional television cable networks.

Netflix uses data science to analyze the viewing habits of its customers, and incorporates the findings into show production and development. The purpose of this strategy is to generate hit programming that satisfies subscribers and attracts new ones, expanding both their library of content and source of revenue.

Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, responsible for comedy show “Master of None,” which was released on November 6, held a Reddit AMA to interact with fans. The 30-minute-an-episode series revolves around a 30-year-old actor attempting to become successful in New York City.

“We pitched only to premium spots cause we didn't want to deal with content issues. (Example: The show opens with [an explicit conversation].),” Ansari replied to a questioner. “On Netflix, we never had one issue with content. Also, no need to edit to commercials. Most importantly though, Netflix really believed in us and told us they wanted to go straight to series and do 10 episodes. No pilot/development process. It was a great experience. Also, I love how everyone has gotten to just see all the episodes, rather than wait 9 weeks until someone can see an episode I really am proud of like Mornings.”

Ansari’s co-creator and co-writer Alan Yang also weighed in on the selection of Netflix.

“The reception has been great,” Yang wrote. “One thing I thought was especially cool about our show being released all at once was that people could watch a few episodes and see how different they all were. We saw each episode as its own little movie with its own theme. And because each episode touches on a different subject matter, people have a lot of different opinions on which one is their favorite. If your parents are immigrants, you might like Parents, if you're close with your grandma, you might like Old People.”

“Jessica Jones” is a Marvel-inspired series that will premiere this Friday, November 20. The show occurs within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and is part of a selection of other Netflix shows, which includes “Daredevil,” that will eventually crossover into one another.

At the Television Critics Association Press Tour in July, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, best known for her contributions to “Dexter” and “Twilight,” outlined why she enjoys the streaming company’s collaborative efforts.

“The beauty of working with Netflix is it’s 13 [episodes],” said Rosenberg. “I’m doing 13. There’s no pilot and getting feedback and reactions and ratings. You’re in this bubble so it’s really all: what’s the story you want to tell? What are your actors and your characters, where do you want to go with them?”

It’s fair to say that the overall sentiment is positivity here.

As television currently experiments with on-demand apps and services, exultations such as these may encourage more high-profile figures to participate as well.

Author: Brian Cameron
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