Future of TV Streaming in Focus at Parallel Gatherings

OTT TV World Summit; DPAA
Over the course of one week, two conferences related to online video streaming occurred on either side of the pond: the DPAA's Video Everywhere Summit in New York City, which took place on November 3, and the OTT TV World Summit in London, England, which transpired November 9 – 12.

Speakers, brand delegates, and industry figures appeared at both events, which spearheaded conversations regarding the direction television, advertising and OTT entertainment is headed.

Young & Rubicam’s global CEO David Sable directly took on those who suggest TV is on its way out.

“There will still be TV thousands of years from now. It might be broadcast into your brain telekinetically, but it will still be TV,” Sable said at the Video Everywhere Summit.

Sable added that the concept of “free content” will not be the path forward.

“The future of free is dismal and not sustainable. Advertising pays for content. There are three ways to access content: steal it, pay for it or watch ads.” Sable said. “NFL contracts are up in 2022. That is when the next big change will happen. That will be the next huge inflection.”

Meanwhile, President and CEO of the DPAA, Barry Frey, offered a prediction:

“By the year 2017, more than half of all out-of-home advertising will be digital advertising,” Frey told The Drum.

A variety of topics were covered at the OTT TV World Summit, which spanned four days.

Dom Robinson, co-founder and director at id3as, claims the “the march of 4K is inexorable.”

Simon Trudelle, Nagra’s product marketing specialist, agreed, stating “4K is a new opportunity for pay TV to compete. There is value there that can be leveraged.”

Gene Hoffman, the CEO of Vindicia, provided recommendations for OTT services.

As TV continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, it is these sorts of conversations that are integral.

Author: Brian Cameron


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