The Inspiring Television Rebellion on Kickstarter

TV Rebellion
In this modern era, inspired inventors launch their concepts on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites to gain traction for their dreams.

Occasionally, this involves advances in regards to television.

Here are a few current Kickstarter projects that aim to enliven TV.

With 26 days left before the project’s end, Skreens has already surpassed its goal by over 1000% - it’s raised $266K after an initial request for $25,000.

In its own words:

“Skreens is a revolutionary way to experience all of your entertainment. Your PS4, XBox, PCs, cable box, Roku, Apple TV and anything else you’re switching between — now all of it can come online at once, on one display and all absolutely at your control.”

Essentially, the device allows for viewing multiple media sources all at one time, in separate windows, on your television.

One could simultaneously monitor a sports event, play a video game, follow Twitter updates and more on a customized interface.

And with the success thus far, it will be intriguing what stretch goals are announced.

Wahl TV

Wahl TV is a receiver that uses the Internet to provide unlimited live international programming on viewers’ televisions and mobile devices.

The specialized software receives broadcasting signals, which it then converts for Internet streaming.

It identifies as “simplified version of Kodi, Apple TV, mixed with Comcast or DIRECTV.”

The project is seeking $65,000, and has raised $4,442 with 25 days left.

Elusive View is a forthcoming Over-the-Top (OTT) service that seeks to provide viewers with rare TV shows and films that have never been released on DVD/blu-ray or on other streaming platforms.

Many of the programs have won major awards, others were cancelled ahead of their time.

The project is attempting to raise $50 million in order to license the television shows and content from the IP holders, which, if successful, could potentially lead to the development of future TV seasons down the road.

Author: Brian Cameron
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