OTT Strength Extends in Q3 2015

As evidenced by the first two quarters of 2015, it truly is the year of Over-the-Top (OTT). The third quarter was no different, with multiple occurrences in this field.

Cable companies, television networks and others have truly been making headway in regards to developing and attracting new types of viewership.

At the beginning of July, Showtime launched its OTT app, with a $10.99 price point, following other premium cable services HBO and Starz.

Then, in the middle of the month, Comcast revealed Stream, its $15/month OTT service.

By the end of September, Comcast announced an OTT app – Watchable – which features 30 different online video companies, like VICE, Maker Studios and Buzzfeed.

“We think Watchable can be a unique place that curates and distributes the best content from some of the most recognized brands and producers on the web,” Comcast wrote in a blog post.  “Many of our Watchable partners have not traditionally had distribution on the TV and we can give them a path to reach new audiences and further monetize their content on the biggest screen in the home.”

In August, Cablevision became the first MSO to offer CBS’ all-access streaming services, in what The Verge described as a “premium TV package for cord cutters.”

Additionally, Nielsen revealed that viewership for streaming shows distributed by Amazon, Hulu and Netflix would be measured, much to Netflix’s chagrin about the ordeal.

“[Nielsen is] trying to create a level playing field between television and digital video,” said Lynda Clarizio, president of Nielsen U.S. media.

And finally, the BBC unveiled plans to dip its toe into the water of OTT with an SVOD service in the United States next year.

“We’re launching a new OTT video service in America offering BBC fans programs they wouldn’t otherwise get, showcasing British actors, our program-makers and celebrating our culture,” said director general Tony Hall.

Overall, it’s been an exciting third quarter. What else will happen as the year comes to a close?

Author: Brian Cameron

Image via Shutterstock.


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