At the 2015 TV Connect Event, Millennials Underscored

Over the past three days, from April 28 – 30, the 11th annual TV Connect Event has been occurring at the ExCel in London.

Industry experts cited the “historical significance” of this particular gathering as Google’s Thomas Riedl ended the conference with a keynote speech launching the new Android TV product.

Speakers and presenters from a variety of companies, including ActiveVideo, Kaltura and Ovum offered thoughts on numerous topics, including OTT, and television trends and strategies.

Additionally, Screenz won the award for Best TV App for their Real Time Platform for the ABC show “Rising Star,” an intriguing technological development we covered last summer.

Over the course of the week, panelists directed a klieg light onto the viewing activities of Millennials.
Ismail Patel, TV analyst for Ovum, emphasized second-screen usage amongst the younger generation.

“[Millennials] do not know a world without smartphones and the Internet, and do not afford an arbitrary priority to the big screen in the corner of the room over the tablet or smartphone device in their hands,” he said. “[This behavior] will eventually become the mainstream.”

And as a result of this behavior, Espen Erikstad, COO of Norigin Media, believes that “there is a chance linear TV may not be around in five to 10 years’ time.”

The migration of viewers from traditional television to Internet streaming was also of importance, with many businesses demonstrating their technologies.

V-Nova offered a look at video compression, while Mirada and Kaon revealed a TV Everywhere platform.

TV Connect has been sharing a number of panels and speakers on their YouTube channel; this one, featuring representatives from Orange, Roku and Android TV Partnerships covers "Understanding the Next Stages of Multiplatform Engagement."

Author: Brian Cameron


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