INTXHACK Finalists Conduct Television Innovation

In advance of the The Internet & Television Expo (INTX), the first ever INTXHACK 24-hour hackathon was held on May 2 at the 1871 event space in Chicago.

Attendees were asked “to create new, innovative ways to produce, present and experience TV, movies, games and other digital entertainment.”

Various companies, including Videogram, UXP Systems, Wurl and Microsoft provided APIs for hacker teams. After each group made a presentation, six finalists were selected to move forward.

On May 6, one grand prize “Best Hack At Show” winner will receive $10,000 after a demonstration is held at the INTX Conference. Here’s a look at the crews that are competing for the cash.

This project whimsically describes itself as “4k displays for seeing stuff, lots of stuff.” While not many more details are available, the demo features an interface with an Avengers-centric theme and 13 different windows for viewing content.


By utilizing Watchwith’s API, Chihack aims to provide selected content to each viewer based on a personal profile. A part of the TV screen is meant to display a Twitter feed that monitors a show-specific hashtag, as well the ability to see what friends are watching.

Additionally, as the project knows about the user, it can choose advertisements that would be more appealing, inspired by their interests.


The DREqueue project is an app that provides content discovery through the use of gaming functionality. The team cites “quests” as the methodology that users will employ to locate recommended videos, rewards and promotions.

This project seeks to accurately place advertisements and products in parts of the viewing screen where vision technology has detected an available spot.

VShare seems to utilize a motion technology platform to allow films to be stopped or selected by moving one’s hand. The end goal is to “bring together family, lovers, friends to watch movies together no matter where they are.”

“Mr. Robot” is a television show about computer hacking that will premiere on the USA Network on June 24, 2015.

This project serves as a promotional effort for the program, which also hopes to educate viewers on the differences between ethical computer security and malicious activities.

INTXHACK recorded a brief video covering the hackathon. Best of luck to the finalists as they pursue the grand prize!

Here's what you missed at the INTX Hackathon... from NCTA on Vimeo.

Author: Brian Cameron


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