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When it comes to the summary of a television show or a movie, we've established that some TV and entertainment metadata suppliers often insert unnecessary opinions into their content.

There is also another problem with the way that various companies handle program plots and descriptions, and that is a failure to take the television content seriously.

Many data providers apparently believe that it’s acceptable to mock the programming by taking a wise-guy tone or otherwise lackadaisical attitude with their synopses.

It is inappropriate summaries like these that completely fail to inform a viewer in regards to a film or series’ plot.

Take a look at the program descriptions these metadata providers believe are worthy for discerning audiences:

For ABC’s “The Bachelor”

‘True love (or a TV facsimile thereof) gets the reality treatment.’

For “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

‘If you want to see enormous, battling robots and concerned-but-gorgeous-looking humans (and then some more enormous battling robots) this fourth instalment [sic] in the series delivers on all fronts.’

For “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”

‘Again, Earth is caught in the middle when the resurrection of an ancient Transformer appears to turn the tide against the Autobots in their longstanding war with evil Decepticons.’

For 1946’s "Badman’s Territory"

‘Randolph Scott vs. every baddie in history.’

For 1960’s “The Lost World”

‘A British professor, a playboy and a rich woman in pink pants see lava and dinosaurs in the Amazon.’

For 1987’s “Steel Dawn”

‘Triangulation of good guy, bad guy and beautiful woman.’

It is “summaries” like these that make you say “really?!” And it’s unfortunate that this sort of low quality is seriously being provided to viewers and businesses that utilize metadata.

FYI Television’s TV description writers strive for an informative and accurate, just-the-facts synopsis with a non-biased, neutral tone meant to inform the television audience.

Compare the below description for “Steel Dawn” to the one and above and consider which you find preferable.

Author: Brian Cameron

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