TV at the 2015 DEW Expo

From February 10 – 12, executives gathered in Los Angeles for the second annual Digital Entertainment World Expo. More than 300 CEOs and speakers offered talks, group discussions, presentations and commentary on topics such as the content distribution industry as a whole, emerging technologies and various business strategies.

Through the Twittersphere, here’s a look at some of the TV-related insights gleaned from attendees.

Many observed that Millennials/Generation Z are more focused on the content rather than the delivery system.

In nScreenMedia founder Colin Dixon’s review of his own panel, which covered OTT television, he wrote about the remarks of his fellow participants, noting that some described social media as a “very powerful recommendation engine” and that “consumers that use the second screen are much more engaged.”

Other thoughts:

Overall, it seems as though the event was a success and very enlightening for the audience.

Author: Brian Cameron

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