Inspiration from the 2015 IBC Conference

The IBC Conference was recently held in Amsterdam, from September 10 – 14. Television-related technology inspired record-breaking crowds to attend, with 55,128 checking out the event.

“We have gone from an industry that was defined by technology to one where we demand new functionality from our vendors; from an industry where broadcasters told us what we were going to watch to one where consumers call for content wherever and whenever they want. All that inevitably brings seismic shifts on every level,” said IBC CEO Michael Crimp.

4K and 8K screens made waves – Canon revealed 4K field lenses; Sagemcom displayed 4K UHD set-top boxes; AJA debuted a 4K upconverter; and Japanese broadcaster NHK revealed the world’s first 85” 8K display.

However, not all of the executives appreciated the new high definition sets.

The CTO of the BBC, Matthew Postgate, described himself as “not really interested” in it, while John Honeycutt, Discovery Communications' CTO, claimed “it’s about more than just resolution.”

According to global analyst firm CCS Insight, the key takeaway from IBC is “disruption.”

“We're in a new golden era of TV distribution,” said Paolo Pescatore, Director of Multiplay and Media at CCS Insight. “As pay-TV companies have moved into offering phone and Internet access, leading telecom providers have responded by adding TV to their service bundles, trying to stay competitive in an increasingly congested market. There's no doubt this is an exciting time for media owners, who can now choose from a plethora of ways to distribute their programmes to audiences.”

Below are a few tweets from the event. Videos can be viewed here.

Author: Brian Cameron

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