TV at the CDN World Summit and the BBV Show


Last week, two major conferences were held over the same time period that covered multiple aspects of television: the CDN World Summit, which occurred in London, England, and the BroadbandVision Show, which took place in Las Vegas.

Here, we’ll go over the major themes of both and what the primary speakers and panels had to discuss.

CDN World Summit

From October 1-2 at the Thistle Marble Arch hotel, experts at the CDN World Summit enlightened attendees on a number of topics; the main focal point was “TV in the Cloud,” a much debated subject.

“Cloud TV is not what you think it is: the content-as-a-service model as an enabler of innovation,” a panel discussion moderated by Executive Vice President and Managing Director of EMEA at Vubiquity, Adam Poulter.

In a Huffington Post editorial published that same day, Adam Poulter stressed that “the future of film is in the cloud” and “cloud-based IP-delivered content is what people want.”

Paul Larbey, Video Business head at Alcatel-Lucent, stated that “to move forward the recording and storage of technology has to move into the cloud,” during his keynote speech, “Future vision for IP Video: From Pay TV to Cloud TV.”

And Simon Jones, Chief TV Architect at BT TV, informed conference-goers that “there’s still some maturity work to be done” in regards to cloud-related video services.

BroadbandVision Show

At Caesars Palace, from October 1-3, the 2014 BroadbandVision Show gathered executives from several different industries. Voice-over-IP, monetizing broadband and streaming were among the topics discussed.

Like the CDN World Summit, the cloud also came up.

Steve Shannon, GM of content and services at Roku, brought up the importance of integrating pay-TV with streaming services.

"If you are going into the pay-TV business, you need to have an app, not just an EPG," he stated, otherwise “consumers will go watch Netflix or Hulu or something else.”

Connected TVs and devices were also highlights, with Ericsson Principal Solutions Consultant GS Strickland weighing in:

Author: Brian Cameron


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