Hate Mail: Correspondence About Our Competition Part I

Competition is always a good thing. It can improve companies, processes, and people.

And at FYI, we don’t shy away from competition. We welcome it. We should—because we spend a good amount of time with our competition, believe it or not.

Via the emails, phone calls, and text messages we get from clients, stations, and even consumers.

Here’s just a sample of how FYI responds to queries that don’t even involve FYI.

Responsiveness starts at the top.
Lets start at the top. The very top. Mr. Chris Stark, the president, founder, and CEO of FYI Television.

How often do top C-level executives take the time to respond to even the most innocuous of client requests? At FYI, as you’ll soon see, it happens frequently—because our data and your listings are precious assets.

Here, Mr. Stark responds to a request with illuminating information that clears up a client’s query, while also explaining the situation that caused their current dilemma.

hate mail correspondence about fyi competitors
Here’s the response from, once again, the very top decision-maker at FYI Television.

fyi ceo president responds to client issue

if you want to get the message, go to a message board.
Nothing speaks the truth like message boards. That’s why we monitor them to see just what satisfaction levels are like for both our product and that of our competitors.
Enjoy this sample of unbridled, unvarnished opinions from folks who use program guides.
Now might be a good time to mention that we’ve masked the identities of our competitors to save their tender feelings.

fyi television competitor message board

Second party verification. Its not necessarily on our list of services, but when you have your act together it kind of just happens this way.

Because FYI has set such an indelible standard of excellence in accuracy and completeness, we’re often tasked to track down issues and provide answers well outside the framework of the actual service we deliver.

Whatever it takes to get our clients the most complete, accurate, and flexible data for their customers.

Like this case in point. A traffic coordinator found a glitch and FYI tracked it down, instinctively.

fyi helps traffic coordinator

fyi helps solve tv data listing issues

Sometimes we learn about our competitors directly from our contacts. Without any prompting at all.
Heres a case in point.

Don't just take our word for it. The writing is on the wall--and apparently in lots of emails and on lots of message boards.

We hear it all the time. Rest assured, we handle every inquiry with professionalism and concern.

Even when it's not our professional concern.


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