Is "Something Funny" Going On With Entertainment Metadata?

Entertainment Metadata Spoken Search
There’s something funny going on with your entertainment metadata. There’s also something scary, something informative—even something bizarre.

And electronics manufacturer Cisco is making sure of it. But don’t worry. It’s a good thing.

That’s because, in a continuing effort to reach viewers more specifically, Cisco recently announced a range of new products and partnerships which promise to leverage the power of metadata to the fullest.

Like Cisco’s new product, Lunar. This product attempts to transform all spoken words into searchable text—creating metadata for use by EPGs or other recommendation services. 

This attempt to cut through the confusion of search terms makes use of metadata at its fullest because it allows viewers to request “something funny” rather than a sitcom, a movie, or a standup comedian specifically.

Making use of metadata like this helps viewers find what they want without having to know the” nitty gritty” specifics of a program or genre. And, it offers content providers yet another shot at offering up alternatives the viewer may not have considered—or might not even be aware of.

You won’t be typing in your keywords with Lunar, either. All commands are carried out via the spoken word. Removing the need for a keyboard, or even the two free hands necessary to type in your search.

The key, however, is the flexible metadata that can communicate in the viewer’s vernacular—rather than requiring the viewer to “hit the bulls eye” with their search.

So, when someone tells you their new DVR does something funny, do what we do at FYI. Embrace it. With metadata. 

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