Rich Media Images For Entertainment 101

FYI Rich Media Images For Entertainment 101
Rich media content for entertainment. Everybody’s talking about it. Everybody wants it. However, not everyone knows just exactly what it is and why it’s so vitally important.

Fortunately, at FYI we have a team of rich media content experts—and an incredible database of rich media images—to help explain.

Just what IS rich media? Let’s ask an expert. FYI’s very own Data Acquisition Manager, Jay Funderlic.

“As it pertains to what we do at FYI, rich media consists of comprehensive and complete images. A rich media image includes all data that corresponds to the image, currently or previously, and that uniquely identifies the TV program from a digital perspective,” Jay answered.

“But even that definition doesn’t really demonstrate the full power and functionality of rich media—which is all the associated linkability and information contained with the image that leads users to even more digital discovery.  Such as additional images, programs, or other associated content,” continued Jay. 

So, the appropriate image is accompanied by all the pertinent and necessary listing information, each and every time. Turning your image into a more robust and interactive piece of information. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating rich media for entertainment listings:

Rich media is powerful—so what would you like it to do?
Knowing exactly how you’d like to use an image is where it all begins. Because, due to all that appropriately and completely associated data, you can do so much more with rich media images.

“One of the most important aspects of our rich media content delivery at FYI isn’t technological at all. It’s listening. As opposed to just providing images, we listen to particular specifics of what the client needs and then we provide a custom solution. If someone wants just an image, we’re happy to provide just that. But we pride ourselves in offering up a total solution and exceeding expectations,” Jay said.

Getting the “right” image.
Even rich media starts somewhere and when delivering content, it begins with the right image. The most appropriate and relevant for the use at hand. Performing this task requires two things:
1. A database vast and current enough to contain the right image.
2. People skilled at evaluating and providing those entertainment images.

And that’s where FYI comes in.

“We specialize in the entertainment field, so we’re totally in tune with all the changes and happenings in entertainment—and can treat our rich media with a specialist’s knowledge of things like release dates, cancellations, cast changes, or anything else that relates to appropriateness of our content,” Jay explained.

Complete rich media data content means more interactivity.
When rich media files for entertainment have been assembled with all the proper content, consumers can interact in a much deeper and robust fashion as they search for the information they want.

So what about rich media images associated with content that aren’t season or episode or cast change sensitive? That diminishes the effect, and totally subverts the reason for using rich media in the first place.

Jay’s group is totally entertainment focused. “We’re constantly thinking about what we provide and how television affects it. That’s why we’re constantly updating our content, constantly searching for the most current—even months in advance—data we can find to associate with our images.”

Rich media is responsive.
The focus of programming can change at any time. Rich media content images can react to a cast change with custom artwork. Or, they can feature an entertainment news story with an image containing data that will keep them linked to your site.

Again, the focus of Jay’s efforts is being able to provide a custom solution. “Our database allows us to provide options—even maximizing changes in programming with appropriate program information-linked content. Whenever programming changes—and for whatever reason—we can provide rich media content that drives viewership to new programming events, even at a moment’s notice. Viewers are hard to get and keep, so any time our content can help redirect or hold an audience captive, that’s a good thing,” says Jay.

Rich media can demonstrate media mastery & premium delivery.
In this day and age, consumers are hyper-aware of media. Even subconsciously, they realize that rich media content is a “step up” from standard images. Those same consumers will attribute this premium content delivery to those bestowing it upon them.

And that’s a few things to consider when thinking about your rich media entertainment image provider. Or, you might also consider clicking below and learning just how FYI can help maximize your entertainment rich media content.

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