TV Personalization Provides Industry Pathway

In an editorial published in Streaming Media magazine at the beginning of August, Jason Thibeault wrote the following:

“The ‘future of television’ isn’t really about how video will get delivered (broadcast vs. online) but about what we will do with the content, how we will interact with it, how the very experience of watching video will change from wherever we choose to consume it … The future of television isn’t an either/or situation. It’s not linear broadcast or online video. It’s something in between, where it doesn’t matter how the content is being delivered, or to what device.”

Around the same time, Ramesh Srinivasan, Chief Executive Officer, of Ooyala, participated in an interview with DataQuest, where he made some similar remarks.

“Personalization is the future of online TV,” said Srinivasan, and “an important component of content delivery.”

This topic, television personalization, even came up earlier this summer at the 2016 TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco, where an entire panel - "Discovery, Personalization and the TV User Experience" – was dedicated to it.

According to recent Ericsson research, 50% of viewers experience difficulty in locating content to watch.

And at IBC this morning, with an eye towards the future, Ericsson revealed its new TV as a Service concept, geared towards content personalization.

“As the entire media value chain undergoes enormous change, Ericsson’s transformative solutions and services will enable our customers to thrive in this new Internet age of TV,” said Elisabetta Romano, Head of TV & Media Ericsson, in preview remarks a few weeks ago.

Check out more here, and be sure to visit the Ericsson booth at IBC!

Author: Brian Cameron

Image via Shutterstock.

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