Has Molotov “reinvented” television?

French TV
Last December, we wrote about Molotov, a disruptive French live TV platform geared towards improving the viewing experience and making it easier to locate and discover content.

This week, the business received a big boost, as Apple announced that Molotov would be arriving on Apple TV later this summer and described it as a “revolutionary new TV service.”

Jean-Louis Gassée, a columnist at Recode and the former head of Apple engineering, tried out a beta version of Molotov for three months and raved about it in an editorial on Monday.

“This is TV as it should be,” wrote Gassée, emphasizing the curation and navigation capabilities. “From a professional investor point of view, one can see Molotov as creating profound changes in content-monetization opportunities.”

Back in April, TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet had a similar reaction after spending the same amount of time trialing the service.

“When it comes to finding something to watch, Molotov beats other services because there’s simply more to watch with many different ways to access your content,” said Dillet. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the company inspired big companies that have been trying to make a move in the TV industry.”

It’s clear that the platform has been receiving a lot of hype. Will it live up to consumer expectations, and will larger players in the industry attempt to mimic the concept? It seems like we’ll find out in July.

Author: Brian Cameron

Image via Shutterstock.

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