Minutiae Matters in TV Metadata

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When an entertainment metadata vendor regularly offshores the collection, creation and aggregation of its data, errors become a foregone conclusion. Even the smallest of integral details are overlooked, leading to issues like poor spelling and grammar.

These sorts of inaccuracies cannot be considered trivial. Viewers should be able to navigate an EPG or television platform and receive information that is not flawed. Spelling errors can often result in inaccurate search results, jeopardizing the content discovery process and the receipt of recommended programming.

Moreover, if a celebrity name or program title isn't listed properly, TV analytics and measurement could go awry - which in turn induces faulty or missing residual payments.

In an example from one metadata business, the name of actress Kelsea Ballerini is misspelled as “Lelsea” in a summary.

Here, a metadata provider offers the name of Lucifer as “Lucipher.”

An Anderson Cooper Post Debate special features several spelling issues in its program title.

This data company has listed the name of pop singer Ciara instead of the character Clara in a “Doctor Who” episode synopsis.

For a key sporting event, the name of Smoky Hill High School has received an extra ‘e’ by this metadata vendor.

This TV metadata provider has confused “Resident” with “Residential” in a movie title, substantially altering its meaning. The name of actress Milla Jovovich is also misspelled in this double error.
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It’s obvious an eye for the minor items is important for television metadata.

Be sure to bear this in mind when selecting a provider for your EPG or OTT service.

Author: Brian Cameron

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