Connected TV World Summit Touches on Multiple Themes

Connected TV World Summit
In London last week, the Connected TV World Summit was held at the Kings Place conference center from March 16-17. Television industry executives gathered to hear from leading speakers and participate in meaningful breakout sessions to discuss themes involving 4K, OTT, VR and the future of content delivery.

ITV executive Simon Daglish suggested panel attendees look at the bigger picture when it comes to the relevance of TV.

“Whenever new technologies come onto the market, they seem to always be predicted to kill the old technologies. It’s just rubbish. Cinema killed radio, TV killed cinema – it doesn’t happen. What happens is the whole landscape changes,” said Daglish.

“TV viewership in the UK last year had a 1% decline. Over the last five years it’s had a 5% increase. That is not something that’s dying. I guess also that if you were to invent the perfect medium for the digital age, it would look a lot like tele,” he added.

Daglish also emphasized having multiple income sources, or a “mixed ecology.”

Thomas Helbo, CTO at Stofa, explored the size of channel packages. The Denmark pay-TV operator is currently developing an a la carte product.

“We need to stand out from the crowd,” Helbo said. “We have been offering skinny bundles for years but we carried out a consumer survey and there were two very clear statements: we pay too much and we pay for channels we do not want. People did not want to pay for the channels they do not watch.”

And Guy Bisson, research director at Ampere Analysis, looked into the popularity of OTT content delivery.

“You have to get pretty big before [OTT] becomes cost ineffective,” Bisson stated.
Overall, those who went seemed to have an enjoyable time.

Author: Brian Cameron


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