The Coolest TV Tech from CES 2016

From January 6 – 9, the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) occurred in Las Vegas. Over the course of annual event, numerous developments in television technology were revealed.

Here, we take a close look at the most innovative advances in TV.

First out of the gate is LG, which offered two eye-catching television permutations.

Its roll-up, flexible 18-inch HD TV display can bend and move in multiple directions without breaking, however it was demonstrated at the show with movement in only one way.

"The screen can be rolled up the other way as well, but we showed it to you using only one direction because it is more complicated the other way due to circuitry issues," an LG spokeswoman told the BBC.

LG also showed off its full HD flat screen television set with two sides – which it describes as “dual-view.”

“By upping our OLED TV game every year, we are driving innovation in the TV space so that more consumers will see and hear about the benefits of owning an OLED TV,” said LG CEO Brian Kwon during a presentation.

LG's double-sided flat screen TV is insane
LG put a TV on the back of its TV.
Posted by The Verge on Wednesday, January 6, 2016

iFit privately unveiled the NordicTrack Escape Treadmill, a piece of exercise equipment with a 60-inch curved 4K OLED TV attached, allowing the user to run through a street as depicted on Google Maps from the comfort of their own residence.

Other destinations can also be selected – one viewer mentioned seeing a “picturesque trail in Utah” in a video.

Samsung provided CES attendees with a look at its “modular” concept – a 170-inch transforming SUHD TV with eight screens that can separate and reunite.

“Whether users are watching the big game, a high action blockbuster, or the evening news, the transformable TV can retain different ratios to best fit the content on the screen,” Samsung stated in a press release. “The TV can jump from a 16:9 screen ratio to a 21:9 screen, simply by splitting the screen into two parts and reassembling on the sides when you decide to watch a wide screen video like a movie.”

The conference seemed to be a success, with approximately 170,000 in attendance. With these exciting concepts, television is sure to look radically different in the coming years.

Author: Brian Cameron

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