Here's Where to Watch ‘Back to the Future’ on 10/21/2015

Back to the Future Part II
Great Scott! Wednesday, October 21, 2015 is a day many people have been waiting for since the 1980s. Specifically, it’s the day that Hill Valley resident and beloved movie character Marty McFly infamously arrived in the future from 1985 via a flying DeLorean.

And in a life-imitates-art sort of way, the fictionalized future of “Back to the Future Part II” is not unlike the present: hoverboards, flat screen TVs that can showcase multiple channels simultaneously, video conferencing and 3-D films are all part of the world in which we reside.

In celebration of this special day, there are quite a few different ways to view all three parts of the “Back to the Future” trilogy, as well as some nifty bonuses.

For those who subscribe to a cable or telecom service, two channels are hosting marathons on 10/21/2015. All times are EST.


12 p.m. – “Back to the Future”
2:30 p.m. – “Back to the Future Part II”
5 p.m. – “Back to the Future Part III”
7:30 p.m. – “Back to the Future”
10 p.m. – “Back to the Future Part II”
12:30 a.m. – “Back to the Future Part III”

Discovery Family Channel

7pm – “Back to the Future”
9:24 p.m. – “Back to the Future Part II”
11:44 p.m. – “Back to the Future Part III”

If you have Amazon Prime, all three parts of the trilogy can be streamed for free for the entire month of October on their over-the-top (OTT) service.

And if you’re looking to own the movies on blu-ray, a 30th Anniversary edition has just been released, in addition to a special Flux Capacitor version.

Netflix viewers will have the opportunity to watch “Back in Time” – a new documentary that features interviews with Michael J. Fox, writer/director Robert Zemeckis, executive producer Steven Spielberg and others. It hits the service on 10/21/2015.
Don't be a slacker, and enjoy revisiting these timeless classics!

Author: Brian Cameron


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