Evaluating Various Online Video Platform Solutions

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When a company is looking to live stream or otherwise deliver video online, a specialized over-the-top (OTT) platform is a necessity when it comes to distributing important and informative content to viewers.

Trying to decide which one is best can be tough. Here, we examine three stand-out services that operate and provide video platforms.

SotalCloudSotalCloud has developed a number of simple video portal templates that are utilized by several clients in North America and Eastern Europe. The cloud-based system allows for the speedy launch of customized TV channel and video on demand (VOD) interfaces for online broadcasting and video delivery.

The interfaces can then be run on many operating systems and browsers, including Android, PC, Mac and iOS. This efficient turnkey service strives to ensure that overall costs are low and time to market can be quick.

Additional SotalCloud features include catch-up television, an electronic program guide (EPG), a VOD catalog and more.

Limelight NetworksLimelight Networks is an Arizona-based company that offers digital video dissemination. Their
“Orchestrate Video” platform lets video content be delivered across numerous screens and devices.

Other services include transcoding, storage and website acceleration.

In May 2015, a study released by Limelight revealed that 90% of consumers are open to cutting the cord.

Founded in 2004, Brightcove supplies an online video platform with several interesting components. The company also assists with advertising efforts, analytics and social media monitoring.

Last month, Brightcove debuted a new feature that will offer users more video measurement and tracking data.

There are many different types of video platform services for businesses to choose from. What matters is the right mix of expertise and functionality.

Author: Brian Cameron

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