Faulty Guide Data Cripples Media Software

Faulty guide data cripples media software
Recently, users of a popular media viewing platform began experiencing severe problems with their television guide data.

This situation has been ongoing in excess of two weeks now. The flawed EPG data from this provider has totally broken the software for the users, and the outcry has been quite vocal on forums across the Internet.

It is apparent that the metadata from this particular supplier has ruined a previously positive experience for these people.

Their complete thoughts can be read by clicking the linked statements that follow.

Evidently their cable lineup for a good portion of the country is inaccurate or outdated and will probably take months to correct, if they can actually get correct data for every cable company in every market as well as the off of the air channels in every market.”

My guide is all screwed up since the [inadequate metadata supplier] switch and now I can't even set up the guide again.”

Movie Posters are all messed up. Many are just missing, a good amount are just for the wrong movie. More errors on both parts than I ever saw before.”

Is anyone else finding the new guide data from [the inadequate metadata supplier] to be severely lacking...?”

Closer examination of the new [inadequate metadata supplier] listings revealed about half of the channel listings lacked any data, even our local ABC Network affiliate.”

"How pathetic. Missing channels, wrong channels, channels that don't exist."

It’s unfortunate that this data provider is offering ancient and missing data, as well as defective image content, causing issues for numerous television viewers.

But the problem gets worse. It is seemingly impossible to get a hold of anyone to provide assistance!

This issue has just affected me (very negatively). The guide data [the inadequate metadata supplier] has for my cable provider is very out of date. … As far as I can tell, there is no direct way to talk to [the metadata supplier] and report the error.”

“[This company] is no help I contacted them on July 10th but no update as of yet.”

You suggested I contact [them] directly... So I did... They didn’t respond.”

I can't find any way to contact [the inadequate metadata supplier].”

Has anyone actually found good contact info for [the inadequate metadata supplier]? I mean a place at [the inadequate metadata supplier] where we actually get some sort of response or can log issues?

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Author: Brian Cameron

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