Professionalism: A Key Factor in TV Program Content

A coherent and accurate summary is integral for television and entertainment metadata – viewers and cable/OTT subscribers deserve to be properly informed regarding the content of a film or TV show episode.

In addition to having a neutral perspective in a program description, there are other variables that must be taken into account – has the plot framework been written with a degree of competence and respect, or does abundant ignorance pervade?

When it comes to some metadata vendors, it is all too obvious.

In this example, unnecessarily graphic language is used to outline the plot of the 2014 film “Premature.”

This metadata provider opts to use slang terms in their episodic summary, a clear lack of decorum.

And slang is taken to the extreme in these two examples.

Here, metadata suppliers are caught utilizing racial terms as descriptors for characters and real people. This is not essential information for a precise summary.

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2014’s “Tout des connes” is the story of a man experiencing a struggle with the ending of a relationship. A company that alleges their summaries “are composed by the top journalists in cinema” came up with the following nonsensical gibberish. How does this cover the plot of the film?

Finally, in a total rookie move, a writer at this metadata vendor decided to insert his name, twice, into a program description:

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It is clear that many entertainment metadata suppliers do not have much needed gravitas when it comes to composing descriptions and summaries.

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Author: Brian Cameron

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