Streaming the Super Bowl: 2014 vs. 2015

In 2014, FOX was home to the Super Bowl. This year, the host network is NBC, and while there are a few similarities in how the broadcast, both over-the-top (OTT) and linear, is going to work this time around, there are some differences as well.

If you’ll recall, last time the big game was available on the official website. Likewise, it will be available for streaming via for 2015.

Furthermore, FOX granted free access to their Fox Sports GO app for 27 hours last year, and NBC is following suit by allowing viewers to utilize their NBC Sports Live Extra app (iOS, Android) and website without cost – however they appear to be lowering the ante by providing streaming for approximately 11 uninterrupted hours. The “Super Stream Sunday” content will start showing at noon EST and will not require any sort of authentication.

“We are leveraging the massive digital reach of the Super Bowl to help raise overall awareness of TV Everywhere by allowing consumers to explore our vast TVE offering with this special one-day-only access,” said Alison Moore, GM and EVP, TV Everywhere, NBCUniversal.

In addition to the football game, the stream will also include pre- and post-event coverage, as well as the halftime show, which features Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. A new episode of James Spader-helmed crime drama “The Blacklist” will cap off the evening and conclude the online activities.

The game will also be available through the NFL Mobile app, however one must subscribe to Verizon in order to use it.

Worth noting, those who decide to stream the game will not see the same advertisements as traditional television viewers (this was the case last year as well), but MultiChannel reports that “all digital ad buyers have purchased TV ads” – which seemingly answers the question we raised last year about advertisers seeking packages that include both digital and linear.

If one is concerned about missing out on the annual commercial tradition, the ‘Super Bowl Ad Man’ is maintaining a playlist on YouTube which should include all of the humorous and contemporary moments.

In 2014, approximately 528,000 unique viewers streamed the Super Bowl. By how large a margin will that amount increase for 2015? Super Bowl XLIX officially begins at 6 p.m. EST, Sunday Feb. 1 on NBC.

Author: Brian Cameron


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