Reinvigorating Television with Talk TV


On July 1, inventor Tom Wolzien acquired a patent for his Video Call Center technology, which he described as a service that will allow “the first new TV content genre since the inception of reality TV, two decades ago” in a press release.

Over at TalkCenterAmerica, Wolzien’s website, he titles this genre “Video Caller Television” (VCTV). Viewers utilize an app like Skype on their connected devices or computers to contact a show-specific handle. A television producer is then able to queue multiple live callers, verify their identities and Internet signal, and route the video to the show’s host, who controls everything from that point onward in terms of broadcasting. The system is compared to talk radio, but with the addition of video and other visible content.

“The ability to produce fresh, always-new content not only resets the bar on live TV costs but actually becomes competitive with reruns,” Wolzien added. “This works economically in any time slot, and that means it opens up live content for secondary networks that are increasingly being criticized by cable and satellite distributors for not providing much original content.”

This sort of innovation has the potential to greatly alter television in a time where live TV viewing has large audience numbers, especially amongst non-Millenials.

It’s easy to envision how it could breathe new life into current event and politics-related shows that often air on cable news networks and feature audience panels and viewer feedback.

Additionally, with the future of traditional talk radio itself in jeopardy due to debt and the popularity of satellite and podcasts, Talk TV may serve as the bridge that brings the two industries together, allowing for new personalities and producers to step forward in an effort to increase viewership and save money.

Back in 2012, former FM shock jock Tom Leykis recognized the increasing usage of connected devices for media reception.

“Why spend $100 million to buy a frequency when most people, even those over 40, are getting content on their iPhones? … You have to find another way to get your curated content out,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

VCTV just might be that new methodology.

Author: Brian Cameron

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