TV Streamers Like To Watch In A Binge

Streaming TV is more popular than ever. With the explosion of mobile use, now people can watch TV literally anytime and anywhere they want. And don’t worry. They are.

And they are largely binge viewing when they’re watching that streamed programming, according to a recent study by Harris Interactive—at the request of Netflix. In fact, of those who regularly stream TV programming, 61% are binge viewers. That means they watch two to six episodes in a single viewing.

Here are some other statistics that indicate streaming TV viewers are trending strongly while they binge view:

Three quarters perceive binge viewing as a positive experience. That’s right. Not only are streaming TV viewers embracing the binge viewing habit, they’re doing so unabashedly. No guilt. No remorse. No reservations. Not only is it a preferred method of viewing, the notion that longer viewing is a negative thing is not a factor with the majority of streaming viewers.

76% indicate it’s a great escape from busy lifestyles. It’s a cliché, but people really do have less and less free time for their hectic everyday routine. The majority of streaming TV viewers believe binge viewing provides a release from the non-stop pace of reality.

79% say that binge viewing actually increases their enjoyment of a program. That’s a telling stat. If you can increase the enjoyment of a show…well, probably that would be something  you would want to do as often as possible. If at all possible. And streaming some binge programming is very possible.

76% believe streaming shows on their own schedule is the best way to watch shows. It’s a “Me First” world and why shouldn’t people watch on THEIR schedule? The technology exists. We all know that the day of having to wait on a program like a prom night date is OVER. Streamers already know and embrace this space age notion.

Among binge viewers, 1/3 are solo viewers while half like to watch with at least one person.  Binge viewing appeals to group viewing as half like to watch their non-stop marathon programming with another person. Perfect for those marathons featuring shows with large followings.

39% of those binge viewers who “save” streaming programs prefer to save them to watch with another person. If you’re streaming a program and “saving” it for viewing, you are most likely to be doing it for your own viewing, but a substantial number are saved for the specific purpose of group viewing. That indicates that group viewing experiences will still have merit even as mobile and tablet viewing increases.

The facts are speaking for themselves. People can’t get enough of a good thing. And streamed programming offers a direct opportunity to gorge yourself on preferred programming however you desire.


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