Entertainment Metadata Specialists: 6 Life-Saving Reasons You’re Dead Without One

entertainment metadata specialists
Entertainment metadata specialists, by admission, are a rare and distinct breed.

They sweat the details of a cast change in a major sitcom. They religiously follow the exploits of a reality show to update the description the very next morning. They can tell the season of a popular drama by casually examining the cast photo.

In other words, entertainment metadata specialists are focused. In a variety of ways that make them uniquely suited to provide the very best data available in the entertainment industry. Here are just a few of the ways.

1. An entertainment metadata specialist knows television—so they’re always tuned into the data.
Premiers, season finales, series finales, repacks, social reloads—the seasoned entertainment metadata specialist is no stranger to them.

A specialist is used to the way television works and they keep it in mind when dealing with the data. For example, a series finale shouldn’t have a new episode two months later, should it? That’s something a specialist would notice.

After all, a series finale and a season finale are two very different things—and should be treated as such. By a specialist who knows television inside and out.

2. A specialist knows networks—because they spend all day networking with TV’s biggest names.
All networks are the same. They all have programs. They all want them displayed and described in the way that best represents their program—so they have a better chance of getting prospective viewers to their channel among the choices available. All networks do a certain amount of the same thing.

Yet all networks are different. Some, like a movie network, could predict their programming months into the future. Others, like a live sports programming network, have programming which could change weekly or hourly.

An entertainment metadata specialist can provide the best of both worlds. Because your entertainment metadata specialist should know both how networks operate in general AND they should know the foibles and requirements of the specific networks they’re working with.

Or why be a specialist in the first place?

3. A specialist knows programming—so they enjoy keeping a very tight schedule.
Because an entertainment metadata specialist is likely to have dealt with hundreds, if not thousands, of programs, they’re going to become versed in the various attributes of television programming.

Last-second changes. News items that monopolize previously scheduled items. Sports events that go into triple overtime.  Competition programs where the next week’s contestants aren’t known until the end of the previous week’s live show. Specialists are used to all that. And more.

For instance, there’s probably not a programming situation they haven’t seen in the thousands of daily updates over years and years. But, they’re ready and awaiting the next challenge.

4. A specialist knows the shows—so they make sure each one gets star treatment.
Fanatics. We may have mentioned that’s what entertainment metadata specalists are when it comes to television programs.

Dr. Who? Don’t get us started. Which of the eleven Dr. Whos are you talking about? Do you want us to get into that? Really? We could. But it wouldn’t be pretty.

Suffice it to say, a specialist really knows the shows, so they really know how to maximize their appeal.

5. A specialist knows the images—so rich media provides a wealth of riches.
When you deal with the most comprehensive rich media for entertainment library every day, you learn a thing or two about entertainment images.

Specialists know the difference between a cast photo and a production still. They’re versed in the difference between a Showcard and a Movie Poster. And they know when a major cast change will mean new photos and identity for a show.

Looking up the title of a show and providing a photo isn’t enough. Checking the season, size, resolution, and any other number of issues than can affect usage is what a specialist in entertainment metadata does.

Specialization, again, creates rich media content delivery geared to be picture perfect.

6. A specialist loves working with entertainment data—and that’s a fact.
They’re not accountants. They don’t do general crop data for the agricultural industry. They’re entertainment metadata specialists. They don’t build hardware. They don’t do anything but one thing.

Entertainment metadata. And they do that one thing very, very well.

So don’t take generic raw data from a shady character on a street corner. Use a specialist. Totally devoted to your entertainment metadata needs.

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