Live Streaming Broadcast TV-When Will It Happen, Really?

live streaming broadcast TV
Years ago, we were all promised flying cars, self-cooling beverages, and a TV on your wristwatch.

Now, with ABC’s new live streaming TV app released in May, one of those things is a little closer to becoming a reality. The thing we’ve all been waiting for. Live streaming broadcast TV. All the time, everywhere.

But don’t wait while holding your breath. Because even though it’s getting closer, it’s not here yet.

Even though it’s what we all want. Even though it’s what a lot of TV stations, networks, and cable providers would LOVE. But not so fast—there are a few road blocks in the way.

No local, only network. ABC, like any network, has affiliates and those affiliates are licensed for local areas. So, you’ll only be able to get the NETWORK programming from ABC streamed live, not local news or other local programs.

It’s not everywhere. “Not everywhere” means that it’s only in NYC right now, and will launch in the top 15 or so markets. Nationally? Again, don’t be holding your breath.

Pay subscribers only. So, let’s say you live in NYC and want to watch a favorite ABC program. Not so fast. After a quick six week run for free in NYC, only satellite subscribers will be able to view via the app. Revenue stream or ABC’s way of keeping cable and satellite companies happy? Only time will tell.

Commercials are different. For those who love watching commercials, a bit of unpleasant news. The commercials on ABC (the network) and Watch ABC (the app) will be different.

Although the length of commercial breaks will remain the same, different advertisers will appear on national broadcast and national streaming programs. (So you might miss some of your favorite commercials.)

Live streaming broadcast television? It may be on the way, (and we’re certainly cheering on the networks like ABC who are bringing it to a demanding public) but it won’t be here tomorrow. Not all over, everywhere. Not quite yet.

Now, it’s time to dream of watching streaming television in a flying car while drinking a beverage that cooled itself.

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  2. Streaming is certainly a hot topic nowadays. However, do you really need to be waiting on baited breath for ABC streaming? I can watch services like Netflix and Huluplus on my tablet already, and with those I don't have to deal commercials. If I am in the mood for some sports, I can get WatchESPN and NFL Live.