Viewership Info On Demand With Metadata In The UK

uk vod measurements
Over in the UK, they’ve figured out a way to measure TV viewing on all computer devices—including tablets—through all service providers.

How did this miracle come to be? It was the result of…you guessed it--- Metadata placed in programs by television producers cooperating with viewership measurement officials.

In the UK, the official source of viewer data is the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB).

It was only through a commitment to embedding special metadata into their programs on the part of content producers that made this VOD tracking possible.

The first time use of metatags for this purpose is “pivotal” for the industry, according to Justin Sampson, chief executive of BARB.  Sampson also called for research companies to use the new VOD data by integrating it with currently established viewing figures.

This isn’t far-away science fiction. The new measurements will also include metrics on tablets—and will be added to the OTA transmission measurements in the fall of 2013. And, an app that can measure smartphone usage should also be in place by end of year.

People across the pond are rightfully excited by the development. “It shows BARB to be at the forefront of gold standard television viewing measurement”, said Tom George, chairman of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. George also praised the new effort’s ability to gain measurement across any distribution platform.

More precise viewing data. Garnered via the ever-growing trend toward more and more digital viewing—but made possible through metadata tags. Voluntarily implemented by broadcasters cooperating with the chief measurement body in the UK.

How long will it be before the US goes to this kind of measurement? Only time will tell.

But rest assured, when it happens, FYI will be there providing the data that gets people to the program they want. Why not click below to see how our metadata gets people to the show they want, when they want it?


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