Rich Media Lessons From An Old Kodak Brownie

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Even though rich media images for entertainment metadata applications are the hottest thing on the planet—and certainly the focus of all of us here at FYI—the notions of rich media & metadata aren’t totally new.

People have been using them it for as long as they’ve been taking pictures, then handwriting date, time, and identity on the back of the image.

But even more shocking is the idea that your grandmother was actually a metadata pioneer when she wrote the time and date of the family picnic on the back of on old photo with her felt marker. Some might even say this was the primitive beginning of rich media.

A stretch? Perhaps. But we’re really into rich media and metadata, so work with us here. We really can't get enough of either subject.

Think about it. How many times have you found an old photo in a scrap box and wondered who the people were in the photo? When it was taken? What was the occasion? Well, you’d know it all except for the one thing missing.

The metadata. Metadata that now is “baked in” to every picture taken by a digital camera. The time of day, owner of camera, even the location can be automatically included to give a much fuller record of what happened in the photos and why.

Flickr’s release of a new iPod app in December shows how photographs have become more than just the record of an image, but an entire social sharing model. The entire experience is shared—not just the imagery—to include place, time, who was there, and even the occasion of the photo.

Now take it a step further and you have a huge database of entertainment images with all the appropriate metadata, links, and other essential information. Transforming an image into so much more.

Like the added functionality and interactivity found in FYI’s vast database of rich media images.

So tip your cap to that Kodak Brownie. Take a few seconds to consider what kinds of “metadata” you regularly apply in your own life-- or how you can turn your own photographs into rich media. 

Naturally, we wouldn't be upset if you'd allow us to demonstrate the power of FYI metadata & rich media images for you.

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