Why Is The Law Looking At Your Metadata?

Metadata And The Law
We at FYI Television aren't the only ones who find great value in metadata. Naturally, our clients find great value in it, too.

But as it turns out, the law is also looking at metadata more and more frequently.

Recently, a judge in Canada ruled that metadata--oftentimes called "data about data"--be immediately turned over in a case where the metadata revealed the type and frequency of work that an employee performed.

In other cases, courts have found that metadata--even when compiled by a government employee on government time--is NOT public information. Issues regarding ownership, medical claims, employment disputes--even compensation--have been settled with the use of metadata evidence.

In fact, courts have even ruled that metadata from photographs are a legitimate form of evidence that can reveal a person's whereabouts or habits. Like television viewing habits, for example?

And that's our perfect opportunity to suggest that you allow FYI to analyze YOUR metadata to make sure you're getting the most bang for your byte. We'll get you hooked up right away.


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