The White House Lays Down Metadata Rules

metadata standards
Here’s a White House policy we can all get interested in. Because it’s all about metadata.

You see, even the federal government realizes the benefits of metadata. Just to make sure that the public gets data from the government in a way that’s complete, accurate, and timely—the White House has issued standards on metadata.  “Common core” metadata.

According to the White House memo, agencies now have 6 months to create a data inventory, a public data listing, and a process to distribute and prioritize the data—along with the rights and responsibilities of the data’s release.

That way, the data is properly, appropriately, and efficiently formatted so everyone involved is dealing with the same information in the same manner. Maximizing efficiencies, eliminating inefficiency. No surprises. No emergencies. No confusion.

Sounds like a great idea to us. We’ve been doing it for over a decade. And if you'd like a look at our metadata standards, you can start by clicking below.


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