FYI Television Launches Rich Media Content Database

FYI Launches Rich Media Database
GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS [July 18, 2012] - FYI Television, Inc. (FYI) has successfully launched its extensive rich media content (RMC) database after a thorough development period spanning the past 18 months. Television program listings data content such as program titles, expanded movie/series episode descriptions, credited cast members with associated roles, producers, directors, writers, genres, studios, distributors, air dates and other related fields are now enhanced by pairing persistent identifiers (IDs) to metadata and RMC such as individual television program show cards, related poster art, cast biographies/photos, episodic scene images and much more.

These persistent IDs, unique to FYI, ensure scalability across smart applications built for portable devices such as phones, tablets, televisions, computers, set-top boxes and gaming consoles. By mapping persistent unique IDs FYI optimizes the related TV entertainment content data ensuring RMC will link across multiple platforms. These IDs do not change over the life of the content allowing the ID to be cross-referenced in all smart devices which then pulls the most up-to-date data and visuals. By assigning the content a wide range of attributes, FYI is quickly able to customize a client's RMC to their specific applications, hardware and subscriber needs to ensure seamless integration and delivery.

FYI recognizes consumers' expectations for correct, dynamic information and RMC in the applications they use every day. As a result, the company has developed comprehensive standards and procedures to continuously expand databases with the most precise, unique media content available through established network media and channel contacts.

"Our RMC will streamline applications through persistent title IDs, program IDs, cast IDs and image IDs that are already incorporated in the products being delivered to the FYI extensive client roster. It will prevent clients from incurring additional expenses, costs and delays by coming in as one seamless integration bundle," said Chris Stark, Sr., President and CEO of FYI Television.

Clients can be confident that accessing such an expansive database of RMC will not require huge downloads utilizing large amounts of valuable bandwidth. FYI delivers nightly RMC updates to its clients' cloud-based storage service where each client houses all of the rich media metadata for their subscribers. With just a few clicks, clients can give subscribers access to all the necessary television-related data content quickly and seamlessly, saving time and money.

About FYI Television:
FYI Television, Inc. (FYI) accumulates TV entertainment content and linear scheduling data from over 12,000+ TV networks daily, aggregating the information in customized formats to various television, mobile, Internet and print clients. Located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, the company is accredited for quick turn-around of top data that maintains the highest standards of accuracy, flexibility, scalability and consistency. Clients such as AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, comScore, NBC Universal, Rentrak and Motorola Mobility turn to FYI for its top-notch TV data and extensive rich media content database that allows for unique customization of listings.

FYI also is the primary television content listing supplier fueling E-Guide Services, Inc. (EGS) with nightly TV data for its products, E-GuideTV, E-GuideTV+ and others. FYI allows EGS to serve industries such as hotels, hospitals, universities, MDUs and other commercial establishments lacking affordable, customized TV listings accessibility with television information solutions.

FYI is an established industry leader, using custom, state-of-the-art hardware and software to provide television-related entertainment metadata to cable TV, satellite TV and mobile device distributors in domestic and international markets.

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